Certified translation office is a company that provides translation services to the clients. They are specialized in translating documents, speeches, court records and other important documents.

Translation office dubai is one of the most reliable translation company in dubai. They have been providing translation services for more than 10 years now and have gained a good reputation in this time. They provide translations of all kinds and they are fast, accurate and affordable too! Translation is the process of converting words, phrases or sentences from one language to another. The person who carries this out is called a translator.

A translation office usually offers translation services to their clients in the form of legal translations, written translations and interpreting services. In order to be able to provide legal translations, a translation office must be legally registered in Dubai and have the necessary qualifications for providing such service.

In the current globalized world, information travels with ease. Apart from regular email and telephone communications, an integral mechanism of how people today share information is translation services. We are living in a time where people who need to translate documents need not go through the trouble of traveling to a translation office – where they will be saddled with waiting for hours and spending a great sum just for travel expense.

Translago offers consultancies in legal translation to government and non-government bodies for the courts, military, customs, migration law and tourism among others. Translago began in 2008 as a freelance translator at a time where world trade was on the rise. The company eventually grew from its services from the individual clients to include many large-fee structures and various bespoke solutions for governmental negotiations.

We, at Interpreting and Translation Services, offer interpretation and translation services in a variety of languages. We are expert certified by International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters. Interpreting and Translation Services have the expertise when it comes to certified translation office in dubai . We will provide you with affordable solutions for local and international clients.

Lightspeed Translations provides variety of language services but they specialize in translating documents such as testing qualifications, university degrees or private sector qualifications in a quick turnaround time.