A TLM Guide to Generate Qualified B2B Leads for MSPs

This blog is created for MSPs. As a lead generation partner for many MSPs for the last 7 years, we have observed many things which are very important. We started our journey with a Canadian MSP and now we are servicing more than 150 MSPs.

This blog is created for MSPs. As a lead generation partner for many MSPs for the last 7 years, we have observed many things which are very important. We started our journey with a Canadian MSP and now we are servicing more than 150 MSPs.

Managed service providers (MSPs) are facing a common challenge in today’s competitive market- a lack of qualified leads. Despite having a strong portfolio of services and expertise, many MSPs are struggling to attract the right type of leads that can ultimately become potential clients. As a lead generation partner for many MSPs, this is the most common problem we have seen. Let’s understand the reasons here-

  1. Prospecting: It is very important to understand your target audience. MSPs often cast a wide net when it comes to lead generation, targeting anyone and everyone who may need IT services. This approach can result in a high volume of leads but, often, they are not qualified or interested in the services offered. We recommend reaching out to nearby businesses and then spreading the prospecting radius.

  2. Weak value proposition: Another reason why MSPs struggle to generate qualified leads is a weak value proposition. Pricing is not the only factor most businesses look for. Response time, expertise quality, and team experience are some of the very important factors for any business to consider an MSP.

  3. Failure to demonstrate expertise: We have seen MSPs saying yes to everything when prospects come up with problems, but these problems are very immediate in nature and sometimes MSPs look for outside help if not done by an internal team. It is ok to say “No, we haven’t done this kind of work” and would be willing to pull up some external help.

  4. Poor lead generation strategy: MSPs often rely on Google Ads, cold calling, and direct mail to generate good quality leads. There’s already enough noise in the MSP industry. A good web presence is important and then a quality outreach as well. As a lead generation partner for many MSPs, we can say that these are not the right techniques to generate B2B leads.

  5. Lack of brand awareness: Finally, MSPs that have low brand awareness may struggle to generate qualified leads. Many potential clients may not be aware of their services and the value they offer, leading to fewer opportunities to convert leads into clients.

How can MSPs overcome these challenges and generate more qualified leads?

To start, Managed service providers(MSPs) should focus on developing a quality & targeted approach to lead generation & appointment setting. This means identifying their ideal client profile and developing messaging and outreach tactics that resonate with that audience.

MSPs should focus on the value proposition which can create a strong brand among other MSPs. This could involve emphasizing unique service offerings, highlighting industry expertise, or showcasing success stories from satisfied clients.

Managed service providers (MSPs) can establish their credibility by publishing authoritative content like blogs, case studies, and white papers. This content can help build trust with potential clients and demonstrate MSPs’ technical knowledge and experience.

Improving lead generation tactics is also critical to attracting qualified leads. We recommend email marketing, it is one of the most effective techniques for b2b lead generation & appointment setting.

Email Marketing for MSPs

Email marketing is still the king when it comes to b2b lead generation for MSPs. Because there’s a lot of competition out there, you need to deliver your message to clients in the most creative way, because they might be reaching them. Every email should focus on them and the CTA should be clear enough. No email should be repeated, give them information regarding Managed IT services or co-managed IT or cybersecurity, because every prospect would know the depth of expertise you have for their company.

That’s why, even among all the digital marketing options out there, email continues to dominate—because it works! And if you want to maximize its potential for acquiring appointments and generating leads, then don’t miss out on the opportunities email marketing can provide. You never know—your next appointment could be just an email away!

Email marketing is a powerful tool for MSPs looking to generate b2b leads and set appointments. From newsletters to lead magnets, there are countless ways you can use email marketing to capture new prospects and convert them into loyal customers. Plus, email campaigns can be tailored according to the preferences of each individual user, allowing you to better meet their needs and ensure top-notch customer retention rates.  

If you need any B2B leads then contact our team today! Click here on Get Started and book a time with our team to know more about the email marketing practices we follow to generate qualified B2B leads.

Post Summary

This guide is created for MSP B2B Marketers who would like to generate qualified leads. At TLM(The Lead Market), we believe in email marketing practices and how it is helping our MSP clients. Look at the challenges MSP faces due to poor lead generation strategy.


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