Best neutral air freight forwarder, India| S.A. Consultants & forwarders

Considered to be the best air freight forwarders in Delhi, SA Consultants & Forwarders is ranked amongst top 10 IATA freight forwarders operating in India and a leading neutral wholesale air freight forwarding company providing services to freight forwarders, air freight forwarders, custom brokers.

SA Group is India’s leading neutral wholesale freight forwarder and ranked amongst top 10 IATA Indian freight forwarders operating in India. We provide services exclusively to freight forwarders, custom brokers, courier agents and food product manufacturers. Transparency is a critical part of our company’s growth, and we always ensure that our customers’ business is totally protected with us.

Bringing neutrality in business signifies growing together. With neutral standards in place,

S.A. Consultants & Forwarders Pvt. Ltd. (SACFPL) aims to empower emerging air freight forwarders in Delhi and other parts of the country by offering them competitive pricing and absolute transparency.

Our objective is to maintain zero interest in value unit (cargo) to protect customers and not compete against them. By maintaining zero interest in the value unit, we are giving access to great rates and services and no risk of ‘back selling’ which means we are not a threat to any company.


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