Customized LED UV Light

Customized LED UV Light Rated power:38WRated voltage:210V Rated frequency:50HzPower cord:15meters Light sterilization, sterilization, and escort. Purify the environment with peace of mind for the whole family, intelligent ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Sterilization, mite removal, disinfection. Remote control start: wireless through the wall is safe and convenient. Double sterilization: ultraviolet + ozone. Safety guarantee: fire and power failure, leakage protection. Delay switch: 20 seconds delay to prevent exposure. Why do you have to endure these, hidden dangers that are invisible to the naked eye are jeopardizing your health? 1. Hotel room residence, bacteria hiding is difficult to clean. 2. It is clean bedding, it is difficult to clean the bacteria. 3. Household odors, long-term hazards to health. 4. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are prone to mold growth. Use safe sterilization to remove mites in one step, and emit 2537NM ultraviolet short wave 360 strong sterilization. Crossing obstacles, sterilization without dead ends. Partitions with ozone can also be sterilized. Ultraviolet light + ozone, double sterilization and disinfection, eliminating the dead ends of health.Customized LED UV Light website:


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