DevOps Training in Whitefield, Bangalore with 100% placement

DevOps Training in Whitefield, Bangalore with 100% placement

DevOps is a revolutionary process that is essential to build, integrate, and understand about the proper applications with better excellence. At Learn More Technologies,you will be able to know more about the DevOps ecosystem, containerization, automation concepts as well as roles and modules are also trained over here. Apart from that, while continuing with DevOps Training in Whitefield, Bangalore you will be able to find out about the various concepts connected to Chef Open source Chef Server. Additionally, you will be able to study about continuous monitoring. You will also study about DevOps tools like Puppet, SVN, Ansible, Nagios, and Maven.

DevOps Training Course Objectives

  1. Understanding why and how DevOps is better to other software development processes.

  1. To get insight into the DevOps environment.

  2. For gaining command over different DevOps tools.

  3. To learn about the working of the DevOps Delivery Pipeline.

  4. For designing with AWS Scalability and High Availability in mind.

  5. To learn about the significance of high availability architecture and auto-scaling, and in what conditions these strategies are superior than traditional architecture.

  6. To Service Level Agreement (SLA) of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

  7. For Docker Clustering with Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

  8. Introduction about the Kubernetes ecosystem.

  9. For Kubernetes Architecture, Networking and Services and User Tools.

  10. To know about AWS Cloud Infrastructure code.

  11. For AWS Lambda functions, triggers and API gateway.

  12. To Open-source tools to automate the end-to-end CI/CD pipeline.

Prerequisites to learn DevOps Training

  1. You should have a awareness of coding (beginners level will do) (languages like Java, Python and Perl)

  2. Understanding of Linux and its commands.

  3. To awareness about automation, automation pipelines, and automation process.

  4. For using knowledge of different Operating Sytems.

  5. If you know about AWS and Azure it would be an added advantage.



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