How to exit from lower circuit stock

Exiting from a lower circuit stock can be a daunting task for any investor. It can be frustrating to see your investment stuck in a stock that is continuously hitting the lower circuit. The lower circuit occurs when the price of a stock falls sharply, and trading is suspended for the day. This scenario is not uncommon in the stock market, and it can be caused by several factors such as negative news, poor financial performance, or market volatility.

Exiting from such a stock requires a strategic approach and careful planning, as it can determine whether you lose or make money. In this blog post, we will be discussing various strategies that investors can use to exit from lower circuit stocks.

Guide on How to exit from lower circuit stock?

If you are an investor, it doesn’t matter that you are a beginner or a long-term investor; the important thing is the understanding and the knowledge of the stock market.

The question here is how one can exit from the lower circuit and sell at the price range.

First of all, it is advisable to break free from the lower circuit as long exposure can cause a lot of loss to the investor. One of the most convenient ways of selling stocks during intraday trading or short-term trades is to place an order during the pre-open session or AMO (After Market Order). After these sessions come to an end, these orders start executing.

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