Generate electronic invoices instantly Using the electronic invoicing concept, the invoice will only be valid if it is approved by the IRP and printed with a QR code with the IRN number attached. For this to happen, you must first upload the e-invoice details in a structured format (JSON) to the IRP. Second, upload the output file (JSON) of IRP supported by IRN and QR code. After that, you will need to print the QR code and IRN on the invoice before giving it to the buyer.  Think about it, you can imagine the impact this will have on the billing process. A good e-invoicing solution that can generate e-invoices instantly without requiring input will make it simple and easy. What is important is that the software can introduce complexities by directly sending details in the form of IRP, download approved details and directly print QR codes, IRN, etc. and direct invoice. Business management software designed to connect directly to the IRP portal will make this possible so that the billing process is uniform.   Bulk uploading of e-invoice   In some business situations, it may be necessary to create e-invoices in bulk instead of creating one. For example, some […] read more