Recently, artificial intelligence (AI) has seen a meteoric rise in its impact on creative work. From creating music to producing stunning visual art, AI is being employed to craft an array of works from different mediums. In this essay, we’ll look into the impact of AI on audio advertising and the Indian startup PayTunes as examples of how this trend could shape future creations. Audio advertising is a type of advertisement delivered through sound. This could include radio ads, podcasts or even audio messages that play when someone answers their call. As more and more people consume content through audio channels, audio advertising has grown increasingly popular over time. PayTunes, an Indian startup, is leading the way in audio advertising with AI-powered personalized audio ads for mobile phone users. Their technology analyzes a user’s music tastes and then delivers tailored ads tailored specifically for them. This enables advertisers to deliver highly targeted advertisements which are likely to be well received by their target audience. PayTunes utilizes a combination of natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to deliver its personalized ads. These programs analyze users’ music preferences as well as other data points like age, gender, and location to determine […] read more