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March 29, 2024

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What It Takes to Promote Your Book

No universal book marketing formula works the same for every author. But there are areas of emphasis that belong in every publicity and promotion campaign. Availing yourself of the opportunities makes sense and works even better when you fine-tune them to highlight the uniqueness of your writing and book. Time-honored book PR tactics have earned their place because they have improved the discoverability of many prior successful books. As multi-faceted as marketing campaigns can be today, they share the common goal of reaching target readers with news of a book’s release. Given the dominance of the internet and the popularity of social media, some people might conclude that you can successfully market a book with purely online exposure. While it might be possible if you’re already a celebrity with a massive online following, most authors still need to seek publicity. When the media covers you and your book, it implies an endorsement that people find interesting. Nearly all media today also operate online as well as in their traditional formats like television and newspapers. Therefore, when you seek publicity, anything that runs on the air or in print later turns up online. Regardless of where or how you promote your book, you […] read more
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Elevate Your Digital Presence With Sure-Fire SEO Service In New York

With increased competition across all industries, your organization needs a strategic online presence to have a fighting chance. Find local digital marketing companies with a history of success while seeking the top NYC SEO services. One such company in the Big Apple is NYC SEO Pro. They will quickly provide a hand in carrying out ethical actions that will raise your site’s profile in major SERPs. Keep in mind that several distinct and sometimes sensitive aspects must converge to provide the desired results if you are untrained in managing this aspect of your company’s marketing plan. Search engines analyze websites using a wide variety of criteria in order to provide the most relevant results for users and customers. Websites that provide informative and helpful information will always be the most popular. There are many factors beyond what meets the eye that help define and describe the goods and services your company provides. SEO experts go over each page and make adjustments to the content for optimal performance. It’s important to choose SEO services in NYC that put in the time & effort to learn about your industry and the competition before making any recommendations. Consistently and accurately entering your brand […] read more
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Meet the Media and Promote Your Book

Everyone promoting anything understands the value of media coverage and building relationships with producers and editors. As a result, most authors enjoy a significant spill-over benefit from their book publicity campaigns. The book launch opens doors with the media that otherwise might not be possible, so the goal is to make them lasting. Once you’ve been interviewed or quoted, if you’re well received, you can look forward to future calls. Then you’re on your way to becoming a trusted source on your topic of expertise. We all can think of people who frequently appear in the media and how it benefits them. PR people and book publicists advise authors to make themselves available easily. You’ll be seen as a valuable source if you answer your cell phone and return emails quickly. Journalists are constantly working on deadlines, and waiting is often not an option. You may have less success if you allow calls to go to voicemail or have an assistant return your emails. Answering at off hours like evens or weekends earns you even more favor. When reporters are under the gun to find expert commentary, and you provide it, they will keep you in mind more often. Over time, you’ll […] read more
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