Many years ago, individuals would sign and distribute paper Group cards as a form of group greeting card. But now there’s a new and much better way to spread the word of congrats or thanks or anything else that you may want to convey on behalf of a whole group. Online group greeting cards are rapidly replacing the traditional paper or cardboard greeting cards. Online group cards are very simple to create, and very useful. It is also very inexpensive and affordable. The best part about it is that it can also be customized and personalized any way you like. Hence we are here to help you with what group cards are and how they can be used.  We have discovered in recent years how crucial it is to maintain connections with others even when we are unable to meet in person. A group card is the ideal approach to bring a team, family, or group of individuals together for a common goal. For a birthday, retirement, or maybe even a new baby.  We ought to celebrate people far more frequently than once a year, in our opinion. We may show our appreciation for the significant life milestones that people […] read more