Dr. Jena Shah   April 26, 2021 Everybody wants to have a better smile that can make them look beautiful. However, some people cannot achieve this due to the bad condition of their teeth. Stains, yellow marks, and brown marks on the teeth take away the shine of the teeth that ultimately makes the smile look ugly. If you are looking for improving your smile with white teeth, then tooth bleaching is an effective technique to achieve it. Many people have achieved tooth whitening with this treatment method.   What is teeth whitening? Teeth whitening is the treatment method where the stains, yellow layer, or any discoloration of the tooth is removed from the tooth surface. It can give a natural white color to the teeth that can look aesthetically better. What reasons are responsible for tooth discoloration?   There are multiple reasons responsible for teeth discoloration that degrades the smile. Here are some of the important reasons responsible for teeth discoloration:   1.   Eating more sweet food When you eat sweet food, some amount of it gets deposited on the teeth and the gums. They invite a lot of bacteria into the teeth that eventually cause tooth decay.   2.   Habits of tobacco chewing and smoking   […] read more