It is possible to save a raster image saved in Illustrator as an image vector if you want to create an image that can be scaled. Edit paths using nodes can be used for this. Illustrator provides a variety of methods turn jpg to vector to create a vector image. You can trace the image. After that, you can extend and save the vector image.   Edit paths by using the nodes tool   If you are converting a JPG to a vector image, you can use the “Edit paths using nodes” tool to make precise adjustments. The tool is represented by an icon that represents three points in an arc. you can use it to select specific areas of the image. You can drag nodes to change their size, shade and other characteristics. Small boxes will pop up when you select a portion of the image. These boxes can be used to alter the form of the paths, and thus alter the appearance of the image.   When you convert a JPG to a vector image in Illustrator, you can choose the Edit paths with nodes tool and modify its path. You can define the exact coordinates for […] read more