Nowadays, it could seem simpler to send a loved one a birthday message on Facebook or Whatsapp than to send them a tangible card, but by doing so, you’re unwittingly ignoring the point of the message. Yes, more of us are relying on technology more and more in our everyday lives, including regular communication with others. However, this shouldn’t imply that you should only send a birthday e-card to your loved ones or close pals.  A personalized birthday card is a great complement to a present (or a stand-alone acknowledgement of their birthday) since it is unique to the recipient and allows you to include a handwritten statement wishing them a memorable day. What’s lacking from an online communication is personalization. No matter what you write in an internet post, it will never be as good as what you might have said in a card.  Instead of just sending them a birthday message from your phone, which might give the impression that they had forgotten about their birthday until you reminded them on the actual day, send them a tangible card to indicate that you have taken the time and effort to go out and get it for them. Sending […] read more