Take Hold of your Software License Compliance with LabStats

Monitor everything related to software licenses with the software license management tool offered by LabStats. Get all the information from expiry dates to warranty details in our license management software. By using the LabStats audit tool, you can get software license compliance alerts that’ll be notified before software audits. Our software metering feature also assists you in keeping track of the usage of software applications that you can use in your upcoming license renewal period.


Avoid unwanted expenditures on unused licenses with the help of our license monitoring tool. No need to monitor several versions of the same software. Our group software feature allows you to add different versions of the same software under the same group for simplified software license monitoring and management.


How to Know the Excess Licenses Installed on our Power BI Dashboard?

You can now easily find excess software installed on your university campus with the Power BI Dashboard by following the steps mentioned below:


Step 1. Open the third tab by group ‘Peak Concurrent Usage’.


Step 2. Filter the list by Peak User Count.


Step 3. Select the application column in the title to see a breakdown of usage by top-level groups.


Step 4. Select a group and view the activity.


Learn more about license management by contacting LabStats support. Call +1-208-473-2222 or send a mail to [email protected].



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