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Plugins Premium WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system that powers over 40% of websites on the internet. One of the reasons for its popularity is the vast array of plugins available that allow users to customize their sites with additional features and functionalities.  However, using plugins can sometimes lead to issues and errors that can be frustrating for website owners. Fortunately, there are resources available to help troubleshoot these problems and get websites back on track.    One such resource is the WordPress Plugin Directory, which contains thousands of free and open-source plugins. The directory also includes information on each plugin, such as its compatibility with different versions of WordPress and user reviews.    In addition to the plugin directory, there are many online forums and communities where WordPress users can ask for help with specific plugin issues. These communities are made up of other users who have likely experienced similar problems and can offer valuable insights and solutions.    Another useful resource for troubleshooting plugin issues is the access to the files that make up the WordPress installation. This includes the plugin files, which can be found in the “wp-content/plugins” directory. By accessing these files, users can make changes to […] read more
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Let´s import COLLADA into Revit

The import 3D plugin for Autodesk Revit introduces one of the most compatible used formats across software platforms: Collada DAE. Why is COLLADA a relevant format, and why could you benefit from using it with your Revit projects? What is a Collada DAE file? Collada DAE files are one of the most collaborative, friendly file types for exchanging 3D information. Its name derives from COLLAborative Design Activity. Who developed and currently owns the format? The COLLADA project was initiated in 2003 by Sony Computer Entertainment to create a standard Digital Asset Exchange format. The goal of the program was to make it easier for people to transfer 3D files between different applications, making life a little easier for graphic designers and other professionals. From the start, several graphics businesses worked with Sony to develop COLLADA as a tool that would benefit the broadest possible user base. Thanks to the work of Khronos contributors since 2006, COLLADA is still changing today. Alias Systems Corporation, Criterion Software, Autodesk, Inc., and Avid Technology were some of the first partners. The standard has been embraced by dozens of commercial gaming developers and game engines. Sony and the Khronos Group, a non-profit consortium of over 170 software companies, now share the […] read more
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7 Ingredients to find the best Payment Gateway

The payment gateway is one of the most vital aspects of eCommerce business, yet it is neglected by many business owners. They are so engrossed with marketing, product development, advertising, logistics, and administration that they do not realize that a Payment gateway is like an endgame. It is the point where the customer hands over the money for which an eCommerce business has strived so hard. One wrong impression and all the efforts go down the drain. As payments are the most important part of your business, finding the right payment gateway is imperative. A secure, efficient, and fast payment gateway not only improves customer experience and trust but also gives you peace of mind. Do consider the following factors while choosing a payment gateway for your online store: ⦁ Multiple Payment options⦁ 24/7 Customer Support⦁ Security features⦁ Pricing⦁ Integration method⦁ Transactional Efficiency⦁ Country Coverage Keep a check on the conversion rate as it works as a dipstick to measure the performance of a gateway. If it is improving or is as per your satisfaction, the gateway is doing a good job, else it’s time to switch. Happy Selling!! read more
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